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Opinions and features on the subject of cars

Honda e

Your 221 car is here

At the moment it seems that the motor industry is going through a perfect storm of Covid and a scarcity of product, due to the pandemic and maybe a bit of Brexit mixed in. Dealers are finding it hard to...

Smooth Killers

These are pictures of tyres that were taken off cars in the past week. You can clearly see how bad they all are yet they were still on the road. Not only are they completely bald, they’re so worn down...
Escort Mexico

Mexican Wave

A very special car made a return journey to Ennis last Saturday, after an eventful journey which began in 1974. ZIE 898, A Ford Escort Mexico, was bought that year by the late Jim Bradley. No ordinary Escort, it was...
Skoda Enyaq iV

2021 Will Be Better

2020 has been a different year and it’s been a particularly difficult one for the motor industry. Lockdowns and general uncertainty, both Covid and Brexit related have decimated car sales all year. Surely there’s brighter times ahead though and we...
ContiAdapt uses wheel mounted hydraulic rams and a compressor to vary the wheel width and pressure to cope with varying conditions.

Eco tyre with optimum performance

I’ve been to Brooklands before – as the world’s first purpose built racing circuit it’s obviously a place that any car enthusiast would want to visit. Mercedes chose to site their Mercedes-Benz World there – a massive dealership, exhibition space...
Mustang Bullitt

What’s coming in 192

Even though the new car market has stagnated, a lot being down to Brexit uncertainties, there’s still an awful lot of new cars being launched or on the way. Here’s a small flavour of what’s out there competing for...
Why can't we go back to proper handbrakes?

Handbrake Heartbrake

Not so long ago, I was given a very nice car to test for a week. I won’t name the manufacturer, because what happened wasn’t strictly their fault. It was a combination of my absolute refusal to read an...
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