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The new Audi A8 at the Carton Houe launch.

Audi A8 gets a makeover

Although the new Audi A8 is classified as a facelift, the car has received a raft of revisions that enhance its efficiency and comfort on the road. I drove into Carton House, the launch venue in a Mini Paceman and...
The Ford Fiesta ST is a real firecracker.

Fiesta ST brings back joy of driving

I was driving up to the All-Ireland last Friday and as I passed a Cork car on the motorway, I thought ‘Ha! In 24 hours we’ll have the beating of ye.’ Then I was struck with a horrible thought....
The Jaguar E-Type on the coast in Cornwall.

To St Ives in an E-Type

It’s easy to forget that you don’t have to travel far for a great holiday. We’ve all been so spoiled by cheap flights that we seem to have abandoned the option of hopping on a ferry and visiting our...
Clay Regazzoni’s Formula One Ferrari 312T competed in the 1975 season.

Montreux Grand Prix

The Montreux Grand Prix may not be as well known as the more famous race held in Monaco, but in some ways, they are quite similar. It’s not a race, as such, but the streets of the town are barricaded...
Why can't we go back to proper handbrakes?

Handbrake Heartbrake

Not so long ago, I was given a very nice car to test for a week. I won’t name the manufacturer, because what happened wasn’t strictly their fault. It was a combination of my absolute refusal to read an...
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